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Our passion for innovation and strength in R&D are the key driver for success. We have been able to develop 13 original NDDS and our IPR portfolio is backed by 170 global patents with the help of our state-of-the-art Research and Development facility, “Troinova” and a team of experienced scientists. These Novel Drug Delivery Formulations (NDDS)are distinctly superior to the conventional versions and hence deliver much better results than the conventional products.

We offer our clients, a wide range of nutraceuticals, health supplements and herbal formulations, differentiated by Technology, Quality and Science.


  • The Liquid formulation is filled in 2 pieces hard gelatin capsule and sealed with a unique band.
  • A nitrogen bubble in the LiquiCap keeps active ingredient fresh and intact throughout the shelf life.
  • Significant advantages over soft gelatin capsules.
  • Customized lipid / oil soluble formulations up to 500 mg can be filled in LiquiCaps.

List of products in LiquiCap

Vitamin D3

Coenzyme Q10

Solubilized Curcuminoids (95%)

SBN Technology

  • Optimum absorption and bioavailability of lipid-soluble nutrients are areas of concern.
  • Supra Bio-available Nutrients (SBN) technology ensures the formation of fine & relatively stable oil-in-water emulsion upon aqueous dilution.
  • Lipid soluble nutrient remains in solution in the gut and thereby offers a high surface area for absorption.
  • Quick absorption and improved bioavailability of lipid-soluble nutrient.
  • Customized formulation for any lipid-soluble / oil soluble nutrients can be developed with SBN Technology.

List of products manufactured
through SBN Technology

Vitamin D3

Coenzyme Q10

Solubilized Curcuminoids (95%)

Matrix Technology

  • Variation in the release of nutrients from one tablet to another compromises the desired outcome in Sustained Release Formulation.
  • Troikaa’s Matrix Technology ensures minimum variation in release of nutrients from one tablet to another.
  • Matrix Technology facilitates the release of a small amount of nutrient in a controlled manner over an extended period of time.
  • Effective and desired outcomes with Matrix Technology.
  • Wherever Pharmacokinetic activity is justified; we can develop customised sustain release formulations.

List of products manufactured
through Matrix Technology

Glucosamine SR

Sustained Release Vitamin C with Zinc & Selenium

QPF Technology

  • QPF enables effective delivery of active ingredient through the protective layer of skin – “stratum corneum”.
  • Several times higher penetration of active ingredient compared to conventional topical formulations.
  • Enhanced transdermal penetration backed by in-vitro studies approved by various regulatory authorities.
  • Customized Topical / Dermal formulations can be developed with the same technology.

List of products manufactured
through QPF Technology

Glucosamine Gel

Boswellia Gel