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Magnesium Tablets / Capsules (Magnatroy 97.2 MG CHEWABLE TABLET / Capsules)
Magnesium Tablets is an essential body electrolyte. It is a co-factor in a number of enzyme systems & is involved in neurochemical transmission & muscular excitability. Supplements containing magnesium have a central role in human metabolism. Magnesium glycerophosphate is a well-known substance, and its use as a magnesium supplement is well established, supported by safety and efficacy studies. Thus, it is a viable option to use magnesium glycerophosphate to supplement magnesium when the level of magnesium in the body is low.

Each chewable tablet / hard gelatine capsule contains:

Magnesium 97.2 mg

Each hard gelatine capsule contains:

Magnesium 48.6 mg
Direction for use:
Two tablets / capsules thrice a day with food