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Vitamin D3 LiquiCaps (LiquiD3)
Vitamin D3 LiquiCaps is a unique Vitamin D3 formulation that is formulated with Supra Bio-available Nutrients (SBN) technology which ensures quick absorption and enhanced bio-availability of Vit D3 even when it is taken on an empty stomach. Due to SBN technology, Vit D3 gets converted into micronized globules with hydrophilic shell, improving its solubility and bio-availability. Vitamin D3 LiquiCaps is available as LiquiCap containing lipid dissolved Vitamin D3.

Each Liquicap contains

Cholecalciferol        200 / 800 / 1000 / 3200 / 40000 / 60000 IU
Direction for use:
One liquicap once a day